What is a proxy server?

A proxy server that is required to protect against network attacks is an intermediary between the Internet resource and the user's computer. In addition, it provides anonymity to the user and provides access to private sites.

Checking the Wi-Fi coverage

There are many commercial systems for network inspection that allow you to easily analyze the coverage and the correct distribution of the signal of your Wi-Fi network to improve its performance.

What is the MAC address?

The MAC address (Media Access Control, also the Hardware Address) is a unique identifier assigned to each unit of computer network equipment. Not all protocols use MAC addresses, and not all protocols using MAC addresses need such uniqueness of these addresses.

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System - a system of domain names) is a computer distributed system for obtaining information about domains. It is most often used to obtain an IP address by the host name (computer or device), obtaining information about mail routing, serving nodes for protocols in the domain.

A distributed DNS database is maintained using a hierarchy of DNS servers that communicate over a specific protocol.

Internet connection speed

When choosing a tariff plan, we are faced with the choice of the speed of the Internet connection. Let's try to figure out what it is with the help of simple examples.

Surely you know that the speed of movement of a car, a person, a train or any other vehicle is measured in different units. If we are talking about a car, then its speed can be 100 km/h, the speed of movement of an ant or a turtle will probably be more logical to measure in meters / hour and the speed of space objects in thousands of kilometers per hour. In the same way, there is a scale for measuring the speed of the Internet.