Testing the speed of the Internet connection

Are you satisfied with your Internet connection? Speedtest.org.ua allows you to constantly monitor the speed of connection afforded by the provider. The main advantage of this resource is connection directly to traffic exchange points UA-IX and DTEL-IX.

Why is my result different from the declared speed of the provider?

Internet connection speed

Checking the Wi-Fi coverage

* For the most accurate result, it is recommended to disable programs for downloading files (emule, flashget, bittorrent, etc.), Internet radio, email clients, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk and other programs that use Internet traffic . Ideally, it is better to repeat the test several times and compare the data obtained.
If the Internet speed test showed the result, lower than the provider promises, do not get excited. The speed of the Internet can be lower, and because of bad Wi-Fi settings, you have programs that constantly use Internet traffic, or even a virus.